Friday, July 25, 2008

Caution, Oblivious Brain on Loudspeaker

A client at the salon suggested that it takes a certain personality to want to blog. I think she meant someone who is self disclosing enough that they have the urge to puke out every detail of their daily existence as if it matters.

For many I am sure my urge to do so must befuddle them. It helps to be slightly mad. Think of a volcano about to erupt. Such is the drive to share inconsequential details on a regular basis.

Bottom line I fear, is that nobody really cares. Does that stop me from describing the amazing color of a recent bowel movement or some irrelevant thought I had while bathing....I think not.

Mental illness takes many forms. Be gentle with me all you self contained, completely sane, private individuals. I argue that holding such madness in could be dangerous or perhaps even lethal. Ponder on the possibility of that ugly result while judging me so harshly.

And don't forget I am officially a senior citizen staring downhill at a gradual decline in memory and reason. Most important I suppose is that my need to regurgitate is far greater than my shame and pitiful notoriety.

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