Thursday, December 4, 2008


I just received my new Apple laptop computer.  I skyped my daughter, Frank and the grand boys.  They were all lying in bed in the master bedroom watching a Christmas movie.  What a kick in the butt to suddenly be there in the bedroom and able to see and hear them all at once it's just like that old movie "Being There." The best part was that I had their undying attention, a rarity when I visit them in person.  I will thoroughly enjoy it till the novelty wears off!!

The Eye Ball Saga

I will have to wait until this weekend to finally trim the tree and decorate our home.  

The plan was to do it last Sunday was interrupted by a strange vision episode.  While on the computer suddenly my eyesight became dramatically distorted with a brilliant light show.  I could only see about 10% out of my left eye, the rest was bordered by a huge shaky flashing neon interruption that lasted 45 minutes.  It reminded me of the movie "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly."  

After ruling out a stroke, my friend said it was a sign of a detached retina. My fact finding on google confirmed her diagnosis with a warning of a 24 hour window to repair the tear surgically or I could have permanent loss of vision in the affected eye.  

The next day I had a two hour intensive exam at an Eye Clinic with a retina specialist.  The good news is no torn retina, the bad news is it could be a brain tumor!  I will have an MRI on my brain this coming Monday.  Once we rule that out, the final probable diagnosis will be an optical migraine.  

Never a dull moment!  I would bet the house against the likelihood of a tumor as in "I don't have no stinking brain tumor."  I am hoping the worst of it will be having the MRI while not wearing a speck of make up or any kind of hair product,  gel or spray.  To make matters worse I will have only moments to get to my dental appointment, followed by a facial then a massage.  Typical female phobic response, wouldn't you say?  

Thank God I subscribe to the notion that 99% of the things we worry about never happen, it's a great mantra for lowering my blood pressure.