Monday, August 4, 2008

Unexpected Paybacks Come In All Sizes

This evening my grandson had his sixth birthday at Peter Piper Pizza. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the festivities.  When the time came for the guest of honor to open his presents, I wondered why my daughter Christine was allowing young Nickie to open his gifts while some of the adults and all of the children were off in the arcade area.

The mystery was solved after I witnessed a series of comments Nick fired off during his much anticipated, rabid ripping open of presents and cards.

Only halfway through the gift bag full of art supplies from his other grandparents, he abruptly stopped, announcing, "next present."

When he opened a musical card with "who left the dogs out? woof, woof!" playing he quickly informed all in earshot "Ah, I like the robot one a lot better."

Disappointed to unwrap a toy he owned he announced loudly, " I already have this one." My daughter told him that was rude and discreetly whispered that they would find out what store it came from and exchange it. He started to rise eagerly stating, "I'll go ask him" as Christine was quickly yanking him back to his seat.

Then as he realized the gift credit card in another envelope was for a book store, he sighed in a sing song monotone, "boring."

I was tearfully laughing so hard by the time he finished this side splitting display of exuberant, unbridled honesty, I thought I would pee myself.

My daughter lamented, "Yeah, it's real funny unless you are the mother."

I reminded Chrissy how demanding she used to be as a small child, later when we were alone in the parking lot. She reassured me, "Don't worry Mom, I am getting paid back in spades."

Grandchildren make life so worth living!

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a true skeptic said...

Well at least my rude child is providing some benefit. I certainly hope he learns to be a little less honest.