Monday, August 25, 2008

Torture the Idiotic Masses Manifesto

I wish it were mandatory to watch both political conventions like I do. Oh just maybe if I could tie a few resistant people up and tape their eyes open and make them sit in front of the television forcing them to listen to the inspiring words of Ted Kennedy or Michelle Obama this evening. But alas my little pipe dream is only the whimpering of a disappointed control freak. I can only hope that some voters wake up and realize how important this election on November 4th will be. If America hasn't yet learned it's lesson then I suppose John McCain will be elected. Four more painful years of greedy old men saying fuck you to progress and saving our ailing planet. If so, on the bright side, by next election water boarding will be legal and so widespread I can force people to do whatever I say. On second thought, no that won't help me feel any better either. I guess I'll just have to trust the universe and hope the outcome will be a reward not another 4 year sentence.


what's her bucket said...

Have faith. It's going to happen. It's destiny.

Jack said...

I've said it earlier and I repeat: The only hope for Obama is personality, intelligence, youth. But probably too many Americans are dried up. What a chance we are going to blow(excuse me).All things being equal I would vote for Obama BECAUSE he is AA. But things are not equal---Obama is better on all levels!!Unfortunately prayer will not help in this case.Maybe evil spirits will :) Jack