Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mr. Bluster starring John McCain

One of the greatest advantages of my new HD Sony Bravia 60 inch screen is it's unrelenting close up of peoples faces. I noticed it first on American Idol as it amused me to see how self conscious and uneasy Simon Cowell appears in contrast to the way I previously perceived him on my old large screen TV.

At the Democratic convention I could tell exactly when someone was reading the teleprompter. I tried to pick up on that during Obama's acceptance speech but could not. That in contrast to McCain looking down at his notes three times to introduce his VP pick. He even stopped to read her name from his cheat sheet.

His VP choice to uplift a female is contradicted by the crude joke he made about Chelsey, Hilary and Janet Reno before an audience of Republicans. It was considered too crude to print by most papers.

This decision reflects his alpha male need not to be upstaged by a more verile man standing beside him on the podium.

Now he has two past beauty contestants adoringly flanking him as he ineptly stumbles around his platform. What he is saying with this pick is "Come on you PUMAS here is an even younger person with a vagina that you can vote for in November".

He has underestimated the female brains ability to decipher issues from gender. Just one more nail in his out of touch coffin.