Monday, August 18, 2008

Head Noises

My need to post is waning or perhaps I have peaked in my manic faze. Summer sunlight can often put me on the ceiling, oh but what a ride for the adrenaline addicted souls of the world. The good news that coming back to earth brings is a softening of my heart. I see poignant beauty everywhere. Sappy as that sounds I am sure it is my sanity rebound.

Adding to my insanity is the back and front yard redo. It has been hard on my and Roger's nerve endings. The dust, mess, decisions, waiting, excruciating noises ( jack hammering of concrete, pounding of pavers and wet saw cutting) can drive one to drink although thankfully that hasn't happened. Any luck and the job will be completed by next week. Where is that rabbit's foot?

What has happened unfortunately is that my blood pressure has gone through the roof. Just another delightful aspect of growing old. I am trying to bring it down without meds. Not that I mind taking the poison that is prescribed for religious reasons. It is just those crappy side effects like having the energy and mobility of someone twice my age, inability to walk, severe leg pains and the new found need to diaper ones bottom. So I am using diet, exercise, bio feedback, meditation, prayer and wishful thinking instead. It is starting to work but I won't hold my breath, that will definitely make the numbers go up.

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Lorrie Veasey said...

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