Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Poker Night with the Girls.

As if you can call 60 year old broads, GIRLS! We meet once a month with our $20.00 contribution so one of us can go home with a little extra cash. We take turns at our respective homes. I am hosting tonight.

It is truly amazing how we all show up. What ever our personalities, they are always reflected in the way we gamble and bid and bluff. I like to go big, so I usually am one of the first to sit out. I am such a die hard optimist that I always think I am holding the winning hand. The glass is always half full so my demeanor is most often misguided.

I don't really mind losing, I just love to win so much that I can be quite obnoxious in my mini celebration of good fortune. It doesn't make me well liked but I can't seem to control myself. Hmm the exact same problem I have with chocolate. 

Speaking of chocolate, poker night is just not about cards. Tonight began with pulled pork sandwiches,  a few hands of confusing "Oh I didn't realize I had a straight" chatter during Texas Hold 'em, a delightful cheese cake break (4 choices) an intense playoff (I lost) followed by a hilarious  session on the Wii Fit and kisses and hugs goodbye.  

The real winning is in the love we have for one another. The stories we share about the most intimate or mundane things fill me up with gleeful, rejoicing gratitude.  I am blessed to have so many wonderful, admirable, genuine, vulnerable woman in my life.

I cannot wait till next month!!

By the way all you true poker snobs...if you are wondering why all the chips are jumbled,  it's because we have found that the "girls" are way too dingy to make change, it's all we can do to remember to burn a card before turning.  So to make our nights easier we decided to give all chips the same value.  Got to squander our precious gray matter.



a true skeptic said...

Don't quit your day job! Remember the ideal poker player is the quiet, private, contemplative type. Not your style, but at least you have fun! Come to think of it maybe I should start playing with you girls.

Suddenly Sixty said...

We would absolutely love to have the pleasure of your company and your $20.00 contribution.

Anonymous said...

how fun. Wish I was invited.