Monday, August 11, 2008

Beginnings and Endings

The subject of how I began is a daunting one.   I can no more imagine what is was like before my mother and father created  me in one of their many passionate escapades, than I can grasp the enormity of my passing. 
What will be the nothingness after my trip through the intense spiritual bright white light?  Will I be floating around causing havoc for those still living misguided beings not yet thumped on the head by the karmic Gods? 
Or worse still, will I discover that I should have been a religious fanatic after all, once I come face to face with Allah or Jesus or God of the Wiccan?   Should I regret not being Muslin or a Buddhist?  Perhaps if only I were Jewish or Mormon  or a devout Roman Catholic.  

What a jolt to my system if I suddenly reincarnate in the body of a frequently prodded cow or a wayward starving coyote. 

 It is way too mind boggling for a mere mortal with delusions of grandeur  and an unrelenting need to feel special to absorb.


sin city cynic said...

I think what you believe in on earth is what guides you through death. If you believe in Jesus you probably see Jesus escorting you into the next life. If you have fear about it, maybe you are fearful. If you are at peace with it, maybe you are peaceful. It's hard to know. We are our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Jesus is real for me, so I feel like I can't really respond to this without being extremely un-PC or offending you.