Saturday, November 8, 2008

Finally Time to Exhale

After almost eight long tortuous years of Bush bungling, my body mind and spirit are getting the message that it's OK to breathe. At last an end to this global embarrassment and bastardization of all our founding fathers stood for so long ago. Behold the frosting on the victorious cake is even sweeter, for Barack Obama is soon to be our president, leader of the free world and living in the White House with his lovely family.

It has been a joyous honor to donate money and food, house staff, make phone calls, knock on doors, attend rallies, register voters and participate with like minded Americans.

Standing in a sea of strangers on November 4th, in front of a gigantic screen with the MS NBC live feed abruptly announcing the outcome of our long hard battle completely knocked me off my feet. I was not prepared for the intensity of this historic moment. The Rio ballroom exploded with screams, spine tingling chills, elation, thanksgiving, disbelief, unbridled emotion, gratitude and spiritual significance. I cried the ugly cry while hugging complete strangers unable to wrap my mind around the astounding news.

Hope and change prevailed, crushing Karl Rove tactics. exaggerations and outright lies. I have never been more proud of my country. Love, right mindedness, justice and intelligence has conquered fear, bigotry, greed, small mindedness and selfishness. The air feels cleaner, the sun shines brighter and for this moment all is right with our planet. I agree with the world consensus, it is good to be an American!


victor said...

Careful you don't start a win storm when you "Exhale"

Hey! Anything can happen after almost eight long tortuous years!

I year ya! sinner vic, you've been reading too much of Jack's blog.:)

what's her bucket said...

Every day is Christmas morning knowing that we have the Calvary on the way in the Obama Administration. I have complete faith that he will lead our country out of the mess we find ourselves in after 8 years of an administration that seems to be asleep at the wheel.