Friday, September 5, 2008

Confused Liberal

Gloria Steinem said to the disappointed Hilary crowd, voting for Palin as revenge is like cutting off your legs because you didn't get the boots you wanted. I like the slogan, Jesus was a community organizer and Pontius Pilot a governor.

My daughter said maybe smart people should start having bigger families to create more logical voters. She thinks republicans vote on emotion and democrats on logic.

I find the hot topic of the right to choose what other people should do with their bodies, a privacy issue, creates a lot of emotion. That is very odd considering they claim to want less government control. Then their is the fear of gun owners, that taking an assault rifle out of the hands of a criminal or deranged soul might infringe on their deer hunting. My husband owns a lot of guns and is a republican turned non-partisan and now a registered democrat.

I am trying hard to get it. I just fear if we keep going in the same Bush like direction we won't be able to afford guns and there won't be any deer to kill. OK, a slight exaggeration. The other reasoning I hear from republicans is a genuine fear of having to pay for someone else to survive or offer a hand up to someone in need. They want to keep it all to themselves. How noble and "Christian" of them.

But then I am a raging left minded liberal. Yes, liberal is a dirty word to them. I am proud to be a liberal. The first comparison in the Thesaurus is "open minded" and then there is free thinking, tolerant and generous. Oh my, no wonder I am so wounded by that depiction.

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